Thursday, 30 June 2011

Amsterdam: Van Holland House

We were lucky enough to find a lovely Bed and Breakfast for our weekend in Amsterdam. What's even more funny was that my husband had booked this lovely place not knowing where the Meet The Blogger event was being held. Well it must have been fate because I was literally across the road from it. We stayed in this charming luxury B&B called Van Holland House. It was so pretty, stylishly decorated, clean, great breakfast and the guy who owned it was the sweetest man ever. So here are a few images of where we stayed, we truly had a lovely time in Amsterdam and this was probably one of the reasons as to why. If you ever are looking for a great place to stay at reasonable prices and bang in the centre of the city then definitely take note of this place. I just cant wait to go back...

 Images via Van Holland House.

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Fun Times At Meet The Blogger

Yay I'm back after an incredible and fun weekend in Amsterdam! Sorry if I disappeared for a few days but last week I was so busy with Heart Home Magazine and then Friday I flew out to Amsterdam for a nice weekend break. I got up to so many exciting things but obviously one of my main highlights was attending the Meet The Blogger Event on Saturday. Wow is what I can say, I am still buzzing from all the inspiring people I met. It was great to see old and new faces and mingle with people that share the same passion as you do - yes we are all mad bloggers but we love it ;)

I was so happy to see Holly again who gave such a heart felt speech which gave us a lot to smile about. Chatting with Decorate's co-author, Joanna copestick was also a real pleasure. There were many laughs with fellow bloggers and I genuinely had so much fun. I am so excited to have made more online friends, it's what makes blogging all about! I can't wait for the next bloggers meet up, apparently Berlin may be the destination! Now that I cannot wait!

Amsterdam was a pretty inspiring place and I have so many more goodies to share with you the next few days, I just cannot wait!

A big thank you to Lise from Urban Style Vibes for organising such a wonderful event! More details of Meet The Blogger can be found at Heart Home Magazine. There is also a great post from Holly that sums up the event magically! 

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

My New Discovery - Catherine Hammerton

I have come across a new talent which I love, her name is Catherine Hammerton. A London based designer maker, Catherine graduated from the Royal College of Art, London, in 2005 with a Masters Degree in Mixed Media Textile Design. Her work is simply precious with a beautiful handmade aesthetic. Her work varies from using traditional silk screen printing, hand stitching and collaging of fabrics, papers, colours and textures. Her ceramic collection is simply divine.

Based at the central London studio, Cockpit Arts, all of her products are 100% designed and made in the UK which for me is an added bonus! I hope you like her delicately soft enchanted items.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Today I'm Loving... Bungalow Hotel

This contemporary boutique hotel in New Jersey is calling out my name! I can almost taste the holiday vibe through these interiors. I'm loving the colour white throughout with pops of bright accents, from their cool extensive range of eclectic artwork. Lots of textures as well and I do love the use of wood throughout! Yes bang on trendy and uber cool I pretty much like Bungalow Hotel!

PS. I have been short-listed for the Decorex Loves Bloggers Campaign, please spare a minute and vote for me simply by clicking on this Link, would really appreciate your support ;)

Monday, 20 June 2011

Autumn With H&M Home

Morning friends! Hope you all had a pleasant weekend! I thought I would share with you a sneak peek into H&M's new autumn Home range. I know I shouldn't be thinking about Autumn already as we are about to enter summer, but this weather recently, is really making me doubt what season we are in! 

I have to say I do like the look of this collection, it's all about warmth, comfort and glamour with it's autumnal shades. What do you think? Are you liking the look?

Have a fabulous Monday!

Images H&M.

Friday, 17 June 2011

Happy Father's Day

Before I forget and stumble into the weekend I want to wish a Happy Father's day for Sunday! Have a lovely weekend and see you all next week! Ciao x

P.S. That's me in the bottom right with my Daddy ;) 

The Lollipop Shoppe

Have you been to The Lollipop Shoppe Pop Up Shop in Selfridges? Pretty funky stuff they have on the 4th Floor selling Scandinavian design brand Hay. It will be running until end of July. I have always been a fan of The Lollipop Shop and I do happen to have a long wish list...

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Bookshelves Imitations...

I have noticed such a trend with bookshelves in interiors that I am quite liking it. Now I'm not talking about actual books but I am talking about photographs or wallpapers. Now I do prefer the real deal if I have to be honest but sometimes imitations can look great! I came across pictures of this fabulous cool bar, D'espresso in NYC. Designed by the Nemaworkshop it's pretty swanky isn't it!? I honestly thought these were real books, silly me. I love it how the space is achieved with full size photographs of books printed on custom tiles. Doesn't it look like a seen from Inception?!

There are also some cool wallpapers too where you can achieve similar looks...


Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Today I'm Loving... Anna Torfs

Last week I went along to the Minotti London showroom event for the launch of their new range. Beautiful showroom, beautiful pieces but as always I found myself drawn to the accessories, in particular these glass vases. I did think they were very familiar and when they told me they were from Anna Torfs, it then hit me how I had come across them awhile back but never blogged about her pieces.

Anna Torfs started her own company in 2002 and makes all of her vases from the Czech Republic. Aren't they so beautiful, elegant and clean?! Have you heard of her? What do you think? I am so drawn to these fabulous pieces...

Monday, 13 June 2011

Pulse Highlights

Happy Monday friends! Wasn't the weather this weekend so miserable? Definitely in this part of town, perhaps it was beautiful where some of you guys are...but please do send some rays our way as I am in need of some serious sun ;) 

Ok so back to my favourite topic, I have to say I really enjoyed visiting Pulse last Monday. Such an array of fabulous products on display, so all in all it was a great way to spend an afternoon. Did any of you manage to go? If so what were your highlights? Here are some of my favourite picks that really stood out to me...

Friday, 10 June 2011

Inspired By Peacock Pavilions

My time in Marrakesh was purely magical due to the fact that I stayed in the most beautiful and charming place, Peacock Pavilions. I had to share with you some of the images that I took during my holiday. Isn't the place delightful?! Beautifully styled by the incredible Maryam, this place simply took my breath away. Styling comes naturally to Maryam, filling the place up with all her treasurable finds during her travels. I really want to go back there one day with my husband and share this experience with him. It is truly captivating and romantic too...

Happy weekend and lets hope it's a sunny one!

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Off To A Photoshoot!

Hello my lovelies I am off to a photoshoot today for Heart Home Magazine which is all very exciting :) No time for blogging today and I am so sorry but I will be back tomorrow with some beautiful interiors to swoon over I promise! Have a lovely day and see you all tomorrow! Lets hope the weather holds up...

Image taken by me at Peacock Pavilions, Marrakech.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Illustrations By Lola Donoghue

You probably know by now that I do have a passion for fashion illustrations, there is just something about them that I find so captivating. I love browsing Etsy and finding new artists and when a particular one captures my attention then I just have to blog about them. Today Lola Donoghue is the one that has caught my eye. Living and working in the west coast of Ireland, in Co. Galway, you can clearly see her passion for all things creative. I love her illustrations and use of colour with such a distinctive style, they are just gorgeous! Her pictures really put me in a good mood. Here are a few I have selected from her Etsy shop. Enjoy and happy Wednesday everyone :)

Images via Etsy.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Introducing Clare Cutts

Clare cutts is a new find of mine and I am so excited to share her work with you. I discovered her work yesterday while I was at Pulse. Clare is a printmaker who produces such divine little pieces. I loved her card designs, they are just so feminine and pretty and the actual paper gives that vintage feel. I picked up one of her business cards and they are just so pretty that I am keeping it in my concept box.

I hope you like her designs as much as I did. Trees, birds, flowers perfect for that summer feeling really ;)

Images via Clare Cutts.

Friday, 3 June 2011

Friday Inspiration: Majorelle Gardens

Today's Friday inspiration comes from the lovely Majorelle gardens that I visited during my stay in Marakech. This beautiful botanical garden designed by French artist Jacques Majorelle sure is a vibrant experience. Even though it was a rainy day it really didn't dampen our spirits as it truly is a mesmerising place. Filled with pops of blues and yellows you can see that these are such magical colours. So I leave you with some more snaps and wish you all a fabulous weekend. I am beyond excited as next week we have two photoshoots lined up for Heart Home Magazine and trust me when I say these homes are fabulous! See you next week my lovelies :)