Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Brad Pitt Turns Furniture Designer

Another celebrity turns furniture designer, Brad Pitt launches a collection of furniture designed in partnership with design and craftsman, Frank Pollaro. You can imagine how skeptical I was when I first heard this, I immediately thought (like I am sure many others) 'oh look another celebrity putting his name on a furniture line'. However I dug deep and to my surprise found out that apparently Brad's passion for building & furniture design stems back into his university days. He is truly fascinated by design and took an architecture course for a hope of an easy credit. He has been doodling ideas since the early 90's and his inspirations come from from Charles Renee Mackintosh and Frank Lloyd Wright.

Brad hadn't really planned on doing a furniture collection, he did though happen to have a sketchbook filled with drawings of furniture design. When Frank Pollaro spotted this  he immediately jumped at the chance of collaborating with the actor. How could Brad refuse such a tempting proposition...

Lets not forget also one major factor here, following the devastation of Hurricane Katrina back in 2005 Brad turned to his passion for design and helped launch Make It Right Campaign, a great cause dedicated in creating well designed, energy efficient and affordable homes for families from New Orleans who lost everything.

So you see even though a furniture designer he isn't, is it really that bad that he's doing something that he enjoys and is having some fun with it? I am not a complete fan of the collection but I do think some of the table designs are quite slick even though they are not my style at all. Would love to know your opinion on this...

Images via Architectural Digest.


  1. It's no surprise, he is always talking about architecture.

  2. I've seen a peek of his collection in a magazine here in Germany. It's nice, but not my cup of tea. Too classic.

  3. I thought it would be nice being Brad Pitt and all, not impressed...

  4. I know loves architecture, and that he did a course or something like that, but when found out I still couldn't help but roll my eyes.

    As designer with a degree, who finds it pretty challenging to find freelance work and build up a portfolio, it does rub me the wrong way when famous people decide they want to "design".

    That being said, I do like the glass top sculptural base table (3rd one down), the rest of it is not really my taste.

  5. Finally, been wanting to comment on this...

    Seriously disappointing. So opulent and not relevant!
    Really expected to be impressed as I know he loves design and architecture but this is very 'unsexy' stuff.


  6. Well, I am afraid they are hardly anyone's style, although I like some ideas and think that they could have been developed better. I still wish him good luck with his attempts :)